Social responsibility

Environment and quality are important to Ron
  1. The health of employees is the most important and valuable asset.
  2. We use appropriate information, training and instructions to enable our employees to work and act in a quality, environmentally friendly, safe and energy efficient manner.
  3. We build trust between customers and suppliers through publicly available factual information to achieve sustainable profitable growth.
  4. We avoid environmental damage, and to the extent that it is economically reasonable, please use the best available technology. Our machines and ourselves save resources and avoid waste.
  5. We take the necessary precautions to avoid possible emergencies and are committed to providing strong information about the consequences of our activities.
  6. We use energy in a targeted and economical way and constantly improve our energy efficiency.
  7. We use appropriate technology and organizational measures to reduce the amount of waste, pollution discharges and wastewater.
  8. We are process-oriented and define process owners for each area of the flowchart in order to systematically improve our processes, identify and minimize possible process risks, and thus improve customer satisfaction.